HVAC Systems

We also provide installation and maintenance services of Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We have the largest footprint for providing managed services in HVAC for the telecom sector. Our Services include rectification, update & upgrade of various brand of A/C’s using appropriate software.

  • Supply & Installation of Complete Central Heating & Cooling System for building both Chilled Water and Direct Expansion.
  • Supply & Installation of Precise Air-conditioning System for large Data System.
  • Supply & Installation of Multi Split System (VRF)
  • Supply & Installation of Environmental Chambers for Multiple uses (ultra-low / high temperature)
  • Supply & Installation of Building Management / Automation System (BMS/BAS) for Heating & Cooling with Remote Monitoring System
  • Supply & Installation of Heating & Cooling Control Panels
  • Complete Range of Spares for all types of Heating / Cooling Equipment

Precise Cooling for Data Centers

Providing complete commercial HVAC / Mechanical services to our customers of the telecom & defense sector having the capability to supply, install & maintain Up-Flow / Down-Flow vertical framing CRACs, In-Row, Hot/Cold Aisle containment system, etc. Design supply & maintenance of energy efficient system to provide precise cooling & humidity in MSCs, MGWs & Data Centers. We have skilled & professional staff to operate & maintain precision type AC units across the country 24/7/365. We have the capacity to provide our customer’s complete range of spares required for Stulz, Uniflair, ClimaVeneta lierbert, Hydra, etc.

We have expertise in

  1.  VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) System

2. Hydronic Cooling System. Water/Air Cooled Reciprocation, Scroll and Screw Chiller